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10 Most Memorable Restaurants of 2012

"I was pleasantly surprised by Isola Pizza Bar where pizzas are thin and delicious. Wines are from the owner's family vineyard and everything they serve is cooked in the oven they imported straight from Italy."

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Dining 2012: What did the year taste like?

"Flashing back on the big-ticket spots, hipster haunts, hotel restaurants, chef picnics and ethnic-food enclaves I gnawed through, across San Diego County's 4,526 square miles, I feel confident in saying this: 2012 tasted like doughy comfort."

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San Diego Where Magazine December 2012

Favorite Spots to Dine

Michael Alves, one of San Diego's local culinary talents, claims Isola in Little Italy as a favorite spot to dine.

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Pacific Magazine November 2012

Todd Renner's Favorite Dish - Charred Octopus Salad

"The kitchen nailed it perfectly with tender octopus and fresh ingredients that were very visible," Renner says. "It's a shareable salad that also has potatoes and celery in it, a classic Italian pairing."

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Serious Eats Article on Isola Pizza Bar Happy Hour

Serious Eats - Happy Hour (and Gelato!)

The best pizza deal in San Diego used to be at slice shops, where $6 buys you two slices and a drink...until now. Isola Pizza Bar in Little Italy has a screaming deal during happy hour: a personal-sized pie is only $5.

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Pacific Magazine October 2012 Article on Isola

Pizza, From A to Z

Newcomer Isola bases its menu on recipes crafted by chef-owner Massimo Tenino's grandmother, and stars wood-fired pies piled with panache rather than pepperoni. Very pretty, the place tops pizzas with items like shellfish, fresh herbs and the fab smoked prosciutto called "speck."

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Diary of a Mad Hungry Woman Article on Isola

Incredible Fare at Isola Pizza Bar

Isola Pizza Bar in Little Italy is one of those little gems which I hoped would have reasonably good pizzas but ended up being SO much more than just a pizza bar! Isola is much more than pizzas, it is your gateway to dinner in Italy, right here in southern California.

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Uptown News Article on Isola

Culinary Treasures from an Italian Grandmother

Isola's pizza making adheres to Neapolitan standards, which means that double-zero flour is used for constructing the dough. The designation refers to a maximum powdery grind, resulting in an airier crust that easily snaps apart from a twitch of the finger.

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FoodComa911 Article on Isola

FoodComa911 (Eat. Sleep. Travel. Repeat.)

Isola Pizza Bar is now one of my favorite places in Little Italy because of their amazing food and impeccable service. Hope they keep up and can't wait to go back. I highly suggest everyone check it out.

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San Diego Magazine Best Food 2012 Article on Isola

Best Pizzeria in Little Italy 2012

We love this newbie's wood-fired pies for their delicious simplicity. Case in point: the margherita, with tomato, basil, and mozzarella. Perfecto! Note the super-large photo of Sophia Loren as you enter the powder room. Che bellissima!

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Zagat Article on Isola

One of San Diego's 10 Must-Try Restaurants

Chef-owner Massimo Tenino's delightful newcomer is named for his nonna, Isola, but the cooking goes well beyond what you'd expect from family, ranging from pizza to antipasti baked in a wood-burning oven (mussels with cannellini beans, white wine and multiple seasonings) and an elegante tricolore salad in tart lemon dressing.

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SanDiegoVille Article on Isola

Isola Pizza Bar - Authentic from the Vine

Traditionally, Italian food is characterized by its simplicity with a focus on combining quality ingredients. At Isola, tradition remains steadfast with the motto dalla vite (meaning "from the vine") at the center of the kitchen's focus.

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Kirbie's Cravings Article on Isola

Kirbie's Cravings Food Blog Review

One thing that particularly intrigued me was the fact that they bake all the cooked items in their wood fire oven-not just the pizzas. When we walked in, the decor definitely reminded us of Italy, from the wine bottle displays to our Italian waiter.

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Fine Article on Isola

Fine, Family Traditions

Now open in Little Italy is Isola Pizza Bar, the first restaurant in San Diego by acclaimed chef Massimo Tenino. Created from Tenino family recipes and made with double zero flour imported from Italy, Isola's pizzas are hand-tossed and baked al forno a legna, in a wood-burning oven.

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Thrillist Article on Isola

Get Pie High: Isola Pizza Bar

Because THEY'RE EVERYWHERE(!!!), another AZ chef (Massimo Tenino) is bringing his culinary game to SD with Isola: Little Italy's newest wood-fired pizza-and-more joint, which features a menu highlighted by cured meats like smoked speck prosciutto wrapped around polenta & fontina.

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San Diego Magazine July Article on Isola

Happy Hour at Isola Pizza Bar

To drink, there are $4 brews and $5 wines, but the real attraction is the food. There are nine options, and nothing is over $5. One must try item is the farinata ($4), which look like thick cut fries, but are actually made with garbanzo bean flour. The mixture is cooked up on the stove, then cooled in baking trays, cut into sticks, and quickly fried.

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North County Times Article on Isola

North County Times Food Briefs

Isola Pizza Bar has opened at 1526 India St. in San Diego's Little Italy. Owned by fromer Arizona chef Massimo Tenino, who named the restaurant after his grandmother, the restaurant's menu features wood-fired groumet pizzas (beef cheek and shellfish are two varieties), gourmet salads, antipasti and salumi.

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San Diego Magazine July Article on Isola

San Diego Neighborhood Guide: Little Italy

The hottest trend in pizza today is to not be trendy at all. Pizza makers are going back to the source-Naples-for inspiration and producing mouthwatering, authentic Neapolitan-style pies. That means San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozz, and imported flour, wood-fired at 800 degrees for five minutes for a charred crust.

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